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CLINT is a mobile device app released in September 2014 [1]. It stands for Carmageddon Ultimate Networking Tool, and is available for iOS and Android devices for free.

It compiles a few features that make it easier to access social content from mobile devices, as well as some fun features for entertainment. At the bottom of the screen, there are four main items: Home, About, Buy and More. This app also has the ability to allow Push notifications for new items.



The home menu.

The home menu contains buttons that open up the different features of the tool. By swiping horizontally, the player can scroll through pages.


Provides a list of news posts from the official site, with the most recent ones first. Page:

Hall of Maim

Contains a list of the Hall of Maim videos, with the most recent ones first. Page:


Contains a list with the latest fanart drawings. Page:


Has buttons that play sounds from Carmageddon, organized in the following categories: Max Damage, Die Anna, Pedestrians, Animals, Powerups, Announcer.


Links to the Twitter page, but an account is required to view the tweets.


Links to the official Facebook page for Carmageddon, in a mobile-friendly layout. Page:


Links to the official forums, in a mobile-friendly layout. Page:


Links to the official store, in a mobile-friendly layout. Page:

Some features are still under construction, and display the message "Coming soon – This feature will be available soon.": Store, Wallpapers, Messages, Profile.


Presents mostly the same information as in the news post, as well as copyright information and version number.


This item shows a list of the available Carmageddon apps: Carmageddon, Carmageddon Free, Carmageddon Pratcam.


Provides information about the Carmageddon series, Carmageddon: Reincarnation and Stainless Games.


  • The word "CLINT" was chosen on purpose due to a visual pun. When written in a certain way, with all caps, the L and I very close together, and the I being just a line, the word appears to spell out CUNT.
  • On Android devices, a "settings" button appears on the bottom bar, alongside the standard app navigation menus. It currently does nothing.

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  1. News post for the release of CLINT