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==External links== <!--T:20-->
==External links== <!--T:20-->
* [https://dl.dropbox.com/u/28683965/Carmageddon%2064%20-%20Manual.pdf Instruction Manual] direct download (ENG/FRA/SPA/ITA - 5.83 MB)
*[https://dl.dropbox.com/u/28683965/Carmageddon%2064%20-%20Manual.pdf Instruction Manual] direct download (ENG/FRA/SPA/ITA - 5.83 MB)
* [http://www.gamerankings.com/n64/196871-carmageddon-64/index.html Review scores] at Gamerankings
*[http://web.archive.org/web/20000303050241/http://www.titusgames.com The game listed at ''Titus Interactive'' website]
* [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y4wlk1HR4w The ending] on YouTube
*[http://web.archive.org/web/20000823132348/http://www.titusgames.com/carmageddon ''Titus Interactive'' website page about the game (archive)]
*[http://web.archive.org/web/20020628141004/http://www.sci.co.uk:80/games/carmageddon/n64/ ''SCi Games'' website page about the game (archive)]
*[http://www.ign.com/articles/1999/11/10/behind-the-scenes-of-carmageddon-64 ''"Behind the Scenes of Carmageddon 64"'', an IGN interview with the game producer Ben Gunstone]
*[http://www.carmageddon.com/history/carmageddon-64 The game listed at ''Stainless Games'' website for Carmageddon]
*[http://www.gamerankings.com/n64/196871-carmageddon-64/index.html Review scores] at Gamerankings
<!--{{cite web | url = http://uk.gamespot.com/n64/driving/carmageddon/review.html | title =''Carmageddon 64 review'' - GameSpot | publisher = GameSpot | accessdate = 2009-05-11}}-->
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[[Category:Carmageddon games]]
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[[Category:Console games]]

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Carmageddon 64
European boxart
Developer(s) Software Creations
Publisher(s) Titus Entertainment
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Release date(s) July 25, 2000
Genre(s) Vehicular combat
Mode(s) Single player, Split Screen Multiplayer
Players 1 - 2 players
Rating(s) ESRB: M
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
SELL: 18
Input methods Gamepad
American boxart

Carmageddon 64 was a port of Carmageddon II, released for the Nintendo 64 video game console in 2000. It was developed by Software Creations, and due to be published by Interplay, but it was published by Titus Entertainment after they bought the company.

The game featured opponents and levels from Carmageddon II, as well as a couple of exclusive characters.


The story was an expansion of the one touted in the zombie versions of Carmageddon. Here follows a condensed version of the opening titles:

" In 2026, solar flares contaminated the Earth's atmosphere, and anyone exposed to the toxic fumes for too long became a zombie. Survivors took refuge within hastily constructed Climate Emulation Centers, and although they were safe, some found it dull. These thrill-seekers took to racing around the outside worlds abandoned race circuits, and didn't think twice about running down any zombies that wandered onto the race route. The authorities realised that the racers had stumbled upon a fun solution to the zombie problem, so promised the drivers a life in the sun on an off-world colony; the kind that even millionaire playboys would struggle to attain. With a marvellous prize up for grabs, and no one marshalling the races, the events rapidly took a violent turn, and everyone competing had to remember: "Drive to Survive."


In the German version, instead of people exposed to toxic fumes turning into zombies, any creature exposed for too long mutated into Dinosaur-like nightmares.


Single Player

The same basic principles from Carmageddon II apply here. Players advance through the 10 groups by completing levels. Levels can be won by running through all the laps and checkpoints, wasting all the opponents, or killing all the zombies on a map. After completing three levels, a fourth 'mission' level is unlocked; completing this mission unlocks the next group. There are three levels of difficulty available to choose from.

Players earn Credits during races, which can be used to make instant repairs or recover the car. Credits earned can also be used to upgrade Armour, Power and Offense stats in the Parts Shop between races. This is also the time to switch which car they drive if others have been obtained.

After each race players are taken to the Wrecks Gallery, where they can sell any wasted cars for scrap, or claim them for their own garage.

There is one important and unique aspect in this game: Running into zombies damages the player's car. Approximately 2.5% damage per strike. If the player runs through large crowds of undead, (s)he'll soon need to repair the vehicle.

Quick Start

This option puts the player straight into a random race.

Head To Head

Main article: Multiplayer#Carmageddon_64

The game has a two-player split-screen multiplayer mode, with three different game types.


A simple tutorial level (set in the Village), instructions and hints are given to the player in this area.


Main article: Category:Drivers in Carmageddon 64

Carmageddon 64 features 23 characters, each with their own individual vehicle. One character, Mr. Whip, was exclusive to this game.


Analog Stick Steering / Navigate Menus
A Button Accelerate / Confirm Selection
B Button Brake / Reverse / Cancel Selection
Z Trigger Handbrake
Left Shoulder Button (L) Recover
Right Shoulder Button (R) Repair
D-Pad Steering / Navigate Menus
Up C Button Use Pick-Up
Down C Button Wheelspin
Left C Button Change Camera Angle
Right C Button Cycle through Pick-Ups
Start Button Pause / Resume / Menu


The world in general gave Carmageddon 64 the kicking of its life when it was released. People were advised to stamp on any carts they could find. Terrible controls, bad visuals, awful sound, it had the works. IGN gave the game 1.3/10[1], calling it "ridiculously poor software farted out as a quick, sloppy port" and "worse than Superman 64". GameSpot gave it 2.1/10 [2], stating that Carmageddon 64 "has absolutely nothing going for it".
The game is rated 28.50% on aggregate site GameRankings [3]. It is not listed on MetaCritic.


Carmageddon 64

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