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Carmageddon Splat Pack[edit]


Carmageddon Splat Pack driver
Lady Bug
Internal opponent number 21
Strength (1 - 5) 3
Network availability Never

Short name (?) Lady B
Race number 88
Top speed 170 mph
Kerb weight 1.5 tons
0 - 60 mph in 4.5 seconds
Stealworthy No
"Lady Bug-Smyth-Gery looks rather too sophisticated to be involved in this madness. You won't think that when she steams up your rear!"


Carmageddon II[edit]


Carmageddon II driver
Lady Bug
Internal opponent number 2
Strength (1 - 5) 2
Network availability all

Short name LadyB
Race number 8
Status icon C2 LadyB status.png
Top speed 180 mph
Kerb weight 1.0 tons
0 - 60 mph in 6.4 seconds
Cost 165,000 credits
"A lively racer with pedigree, slightly fragile and hard to handle. the car's the same."


Carmageddon 64[edit]

Lady B


  • 'Ladybug' is the American name for the 'Ladybird'.
  • If the player takes the middle out of her triple-barrelled surname, you get Bug-Gery. Buggery means sodomy.
  • 'Steaming up your rear' can be read in a few ways - in the relatively innocent terms of vehicular combat, or the rather obvious sodomy reference, or - in conjunction with her name - a 'bug chaser', gay slang for a homosexual man who actively seeks to contract AIDS.
  • Perhaps Lady Bug is actually a gentleman in drag (considering also that Bugutti is arguably one of the most phallic-looking vehicles in the series)... that said, the Carmageddon II and Carmageddon 64 incarnation of Lady Bug looks altogether more feminine than the Splat Pack version, in addition to having changed skin tone quite drastically, so there might in fact be two Lady Bugs.
  • Both of her(?) vehicles are modelled after the Bugatti Type 41, also known as the Bugatti Royale, one of the rarest production cars in history - Only six exist.
  • Like Sinthea's Sled, the Bugutti is capable of crashing the game when it participates in a race.
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