Nuclear Arms Race

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Nuclear Arms Race is the thirty-seventh level in Carmageddon II, and the twenty-ninth level in Carmageddon (Game Boy Color).

Carmageddon II[edit]

Carmageddon II level
Nuclear Arms Race
The level's map.
Location Local Nuclear Silo
Group 10
Opponents 10
Laps 10
Checkpoints 6
Peds 485

The track covers most of the silo.


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Carmageddon (Game Boy Color)[edit]

Carmageddon (GBC) level
Nuclear Arms
The level's map.
Location Missile Silo
Group 8
Time 0:12
Opponents 3
Laps 5
Checkpoints 6
Peds 100

Wreck or wreak havoc amongst the zombie hordes...the choice is yours


  • The nuclear Arms Race was the USA and the Soviet Union's rival efforts during the Cold War. Here, race is more literal (car race).

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