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The powerups in Carmageddon (Game Boy Color) can be found from pickups with the same icon as the powerups. These icons spin around in place, and are found quite easily. The handbrake/kangaroo on command is limitless and available at the start of the level.

The following is a list of all the game's 4 powerups. Note that these items haven't got any official names, so they are named after existing powerups.

Handbrake / Kangaroo on command[edit]

Icon CGBC brake.png
Use: Item
Amount: limitless uses
Description: This makes the car jump a little and come to an halt. The icon is an "H", indicating a handbrake, but the jump indicates a kangaroo on command. Therefore it could stand for 'Hop'.

Oil slicks from your arse[edit]

Icon CGBC oil.png
Use: Item
Amount: 1 use
Description: Drops a puddle of oil under the car, that makes the opponents slip and temporarily lose control.

Slaughter mortar[edit]

Icon CGBC bomb.png
Use: Item
Amount: 1 use
Description: Launches a bomb in front of the car that explodes once it lands, causing damage to who touches it.

Timer reset[edit]

File:Icon CGBC timer.png
Use: Instantaneous
Description: Resets the timer to the starting value.


Icon CGBC turbo.png
Use: Timed
Amount: 15 seconds
Description: Makes the car accelerate faster.

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