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RACES.TXT is a data file in Carmageddon and Carmageddon II. This file holds some of the races' data, such as their names, laps, description, etc. The file's general layout differs from Carmageddon to Carmageddon II.


The general format is:

Text file
Number of text chunks
x,y offset of first line
Frame start (incl), end (excl)
Number of lines
[more chunks of text]


  • Name: The name of the level.
  • Files: This is a list of files. There is little documentation about this subject, so not much is known about this line.
  • Text file: As with the previous line, this one is about the level's TXT file.
  • Number of text chunks: How many parts there are to the level's description text.
  • Offset: This is the first line of each chunk. This specifies the coordinates where the text's first line will be.
  • Frames: Probably the frame numbers at which this piece of text appears and disappears.
  • Number of lines: The next X lines contain the text for this chunk.

Carmageddon II

This is the general format for each level:

Text file
Interface element
Explicit opponents
Opponent nastiness
Powerup exclusions
Disable time awards
Boundary race
Race type
Timer count
Bonus for all laps raced
Bonus for all peds killed
Bonus for all opponents wasted


  • Name: The level's name.
  • Text file: The TXT file for this level.
  • Name of interface element: Unknown.
  • Number of opponents: -1 uses the default number, calculated according to the current group and level.
  • Explicit opponents: This line is the number of opponents that must be included in the race. The X lines below this one are the opponents' code number.
  • Opponent nastiness: -1 uses the default number, calculated according tot he current group.
  • Powerup exclusions: -1 makes all powerups valid. The code number for the powerups that must be excluded are in this line, separated by a comma and without spaces.
  • Disable time awards: 0 or 1. If disabled (1), doing actions that increase the timer will no longer increase it. Common in missions.
  • Boundary race (mission): 0 or 1. If enabled (1), the game will act like this level's a mission. The effects of that are unknown.
  • Race type: 0 = Carma1, 1 = Cars, 2 = Peds, 3 = Checkpoints, 4 = Smash. Normally, this is 0, but if the level can only be completed with a certain goal, it's specified here.
  • Timer count: The beginning time, in number of seconds, that this race has. Commas separate the difficulty levels.
  • Laps: The number of laps needed to complete the race.
  • Bonuses: How much money is earned after winning a race with a certain goal. Difficulties separated by commas.
  • Description: The track's description on the choose race screen. @R breaks a new line, @L writes the number of laps, and @O writes the number of opponents.
  • Expansion: Unknown.

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