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Carpocalypse Now!
CarstockalypseCatch Powerup
Charming Demon
Cheat modeCheats
Checkout DayCheckpoint
Choose carChoose race
City SlickerCity of the Lost GibletsClear the Decks
Cloaking Device
ClutchCoastal Carnage
Compact Unit: Nil ThreatCon Rod Air
Control Freak
Cow on wheelsCraggy Isle Dam Complex
Crank ZapperCreate server
CreditCredits (development)
Credits (powerup)Crude AwakeningCrushage
DammitDan Dead
Data file
De-d 209
De Gory'UnDeath Valley
Defcon Fused
Depth effects modeDesert Storm
Destroy the BehemothDetails
Devil's Canyon Mines ComplexDevil's Canyon Mining TownDie Anna
Die Anna/deDifficulty
Difficulty selectDismemberfest
Docking HellDocksDoctor Mambo
Don DumpsterDon Dumpster/de
Double Extra APO
Double Extra ArmourDouble Extra EverythingDouble Extra Offensive
Double Extra Power
Doug Ahol
Downtown Devastation
Drink Driving
Driver tier
DroneDrown in the Sumps
Duel in the ArenaDune Buggered
Dusty TrailsDusty Trails National ParkDusty Trails Quayside Complex
Eagle 3 variants
Easter eggs and secretsEaster eggs and secrets/de
Ed 101Ed 101/deEd Hunter
Ed LesgarEddie Gourmet
Edit modeEdit mode in CarmageddonEl Morte Desert
Electric Blue
Erasing ArizonaErnie Duck
Ethereal Pedestrians
Explosive Pedestrians
Extra APOExtra APO Slots
Extra Armour
Extra Armour SlotExtra EverythingExtra Offensive
Extra Offensive SlotExtra PowerExtra Power Slot
Extra Slots All Round
Eye of the BeaverFace paint
Fair GrindFan sitesFarmer Fright
Fat BastardsFatman Dimm
Figure of Hate
Fly modeForce feedback
Fragged at the FactoryFrau Dauver
Free Recovery VouchersFree Repairs
Free driving
Fridge Racer
Frosty PassFrosty Pass Ski ResortFrozen Cops
Frozen Opponents
General P. RamGet Yer Rocks Off
Giant Pedestrians
Gimi CarnageGlitchGlitch:Airport terrain
Glitch:Broken HUDGlitch:Cutscene glitchGlitch:Doughnut glitch
Glitch:Exploded bodyworkGlitch:Free driving endingGlitch:Full garage
Glitch:Ped freezing hornGlitch:Race info + view racers
Glitch:Random collisionsGlitch:Reverse soundsGlitch:Solid breakables
Glitch:Sped up timerGlitch:Stuck carsGlitch:Teleporting opponents
Glitch:USS Lewinsky doorGlitch:Water walking pedsGlitch:Wrecks gallery
Glitch:Yon freeze
Going ApeGoing DownGore Usome
Got 'im in the Bollocks
Got a New MotorGrace FullGrandCarma
GraphicsGravity From Jupiter
Greased Tyres
Grip-o-matic TyresGroovin' Pedestrians
Guido KiksassHUD
Halfway to HellHalfwit HarryHammerhead
Han GrenadeHannibal KannibalHans Kristoff Havocstein
Hard Core
Heinz Faust
Helga ShweinHelium-filled Pedestrians