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Pedestrians Shown on MapPedestrians With Greased Shoes
Pedestrians With Stupid Heads
Pete D'Ville
Philippe A. Shio
PickupPiece of an Engine
Piece of the Bomb
Pinball Mode
Piss-artist Pedestrians
Piste OffPit Stop
PogoPolice StatePop the Sucker
Population Control
Power Up
Power Up/dePower Ups in Carmageddon
Power Ups in Carmageddon: TDR 2000Power Ups in Carmageddon (Game Boy Color)
Power Ups in Carmageddon 64Power Ups in Carmageddon II
Powerup Cancellificatinizer
Prat cam
Prototype informationPsycho Pitbull
Psycho Pitbull/dePsychohontas
Pussy LaGoreQuit
RACES.TXTRace bonus
Race infoRace menu
Race numbersRace numbers in CarmageddonRace numbers in Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now
Race numbers in Carmageddon Splat Pack
Ramp RampageRampage on the Ramparts
Random APORandom APO Potential
Random AnythingRandom Bad CarRandom Good APO
Random Good CarRandom PedRandom Selection
Random Selection/28Random Selection/29Random Selection/30
Random Selection/31
Random powerup
RankRay Zee Fool
Red Mist
Reverend LimitReverse Pinball Mode
Ring of Fire
Robots & CyborgsRock Springs
Rocket Fuel DrumRocky Too
Rod HellRoll Up, Roll Over...
RomanRommel WarrRon Dumpster
Roswell That Ends Well
Runway RunawayRuss TSAVEDGAMES.ARS
Sales Curve interactiveSamson KaineSave game
SawbonesScare Devil
Screwie Lewie
Screwie Lewie/de
Seaman Splatter
Select grid position
Send in the Sharks
Sever Tail
Shafts of Fright
Shattering PedestriansShawnee Smitt
Sheik, Rattle & Roll
Shove Thy NeighbourSilvester Stallion
SintheaSir David HavahockSlalom Slayfest
Slaughter CitySlaughter Mortar
SlayrideSlim Chance
Slow Motion Pedestrians
Slum Like it Hot
Smoke MinesSnow Way Out
Software CreationsSolid Granite Car
Sound (menu)Sound files
South Park'ageddon
Splat MeldSplat Track
Sports Sedan
Stainless Software LtdStatistics
Steam MachineSteel gonad o' deathStella Stunna
Stick Insects
Stig O'SoreStig O'Sore/de
Stoned Again
Structure.xml Parameters
Stupid Pedestrians
Su Borg
Suicidal Pedestrians
Summer Nuke Fest
Super Speedway
Surreal ThingSyn Bin
TDR2000 MAX Pack
TWT Suite
Tanks a Lot
Terror on the TrailsTetsuo
The BridgeThe Bruise Brothers
The Carmageddon Comic
The CopsThe Cops/de
The Cops Special ForcesThe Cops Special Forces/de
The Gimp
The Great Divide
The Jump