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Carmageddon location
[[Image:{{{image}}}|200px|The location's map.]]
Levels Unknown

For the template that lists locations, see Template:C1Locations and Template:CSPLocations.

This template is used in every location article in Carmageddon or Carmageddon Splat Pack.


Bold means mandatory.

  • CSP: If this is a location in Carmageddon Splat Pack, this parameter should contain some text.
  • name: If the location's name is different from the page's name, specify it here.
  • image: The location's map image, without checkpoints, cars, nor track.
  • caption: If something must be said about the image, say it here.
  • levels: The levels that take place here. Separate them with a line break (<br>).

Usage example[edit]

|caption=Map A
|levels=Industrial Injury<br/>Industrial Action<br/>Fragged at the Factory

...results in...

Carmageddon location
The location's map.
Map A
Levels Industrial Injury
Industrial Action
Fragged at the Factory