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Carmageddon (Game Boy Color) driver
{{{car name}}}
[[Image:{{{car image}}}]]
Top speed Unknown
Kerb weight Unknown
Cost n/a

For the template that lists the drivers, see Template:CGBCDrivers.

C2 target big.png To Do: Add a function that takes the speed and shows the kph equivalent next to the mph value.
Care to do so?


Bold means mandatory.

  • name: If the driver's name is different from the page's title, specify it here.
  • car name: The car's name.
  • car image: An image of the car, usually on the choose car screen.
  • caption: A caption for the images.
  • speed: Top speed. Must be in miles per hour, but mustn't include the "mph" after the value.
  • weight: Kerb weight. Must be in tons, but mustn't include the "tons" after the value.
  • cost: Cost. Mustn't include the "credits" after the value.
  • description: The driver's description.



|car name=Piledriver
|car image=purplepiledriver-gbc.gif
|description=They don't come much quicker than this... just try not to crash it.