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A glitch in Unknown
Location Unknown
Reproducibility Unknown
Cause Unknown
Harmless Unknown

This template is to be used in glitch articles. Pages with this template will be included in Category:Glitches.


Bold means mandatory.

  • name: If the glitch's name is different from the page's name, specify it here.
  • image: An image of the screenshot in action, if possible.
  • caption: If the screenshot has something that needs to be said about it, write it here; this is the image's caption.
  • game: The game(s) in which this glitch happens.
  • location: The place where this glitch happens. It can be a location, a menu, etc.
  • reprod / reproducibility: How easily is this glitch reproduced. Low, Medium or High.
  • cause: Why the glitch happens. Algorithm, Engine or Design.
  • harm / harmless: Is the glitch innocuous? {{y}}ED or {{n}}ED.


(Airport glitched terrain)

|name=Airport glitched terrain
|game=[[Carmageddon II]]
|location=[[Beaver County Airport]]

...results in...

Airport glitched terrain
A screenshot of the glitch in action.
A glitch in Carmageddon II
Location Beaver County Airport
Reproducibility Low
Cause Design
Harmless Yes