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So, I'm a Carmageddon player, if you didn't realize already. My first game was Carmageddon II and I loved it. After some years, I tried Carmageddon TDR 2000 for size. It was ok. Then, I tried Carmageddon, and found it really good as well, but not as good as C2, IMO.

History with the wiki[edit]

After wandering around the web for a while, I tried looking for a Carmageddon Wiki. After some years, I found the one on Wikia. It was largely incomplete, so I contributed a fair amount to it, over time. Eventually, Wikia became greedy and nasty. This, combined with the passage of time, just made the motivation of working on the wiki plummet. Eventually, Carmageddon: Reincarnation was announced, and the spark reignited. ...But the wiki was still hosted at Wikia. Fast forward some years, however, and the folks at the Carma crew, specially Shane, were able to finally install MediaWiki on the official servers, and here we are! With a new game, and a new wiki provider, a new era of Carmageddon info begins now!


As for what I've done with the games... Well, I am a pretty darn good Carma2 player (completed it tenths of times, in every difficulty, and even completed a few self-imposed tough challenges) and I guess I'm a good CarmaTDR player (completed once in all difficulties, but haven't played much since). I only completed Carma once or twice, though, I never had much time. With Reincarnation, I'm confident that I'll kick everybody's ass online, hehe!

Other info[edit]

I've messed around Carmageddon II quite a bit. Not as much as the fans that create mods for the game, but still a fair amount. I have a more broad knowledge on the series, which is part of what allows me to contribute so much to the wiki.

As a side project, I'm developing an engine for Pikmin fan games: Pikmin fangame engine.

Carmageddon games in Portuguese[edit]

Are you Portuguese? Come here!

To do[edit]

A list of some misc. tasks left to do, so I don't forget. This list was ported from an old list I have lying around; I don't even understand what some of these mean.

  • Update CLINT.
  • Check to see if all special pages are working fine.
  • Either fix SVG support on the wiki or change the existing SVGs to PNGs.
  • Mention how holding the wheelspin key on the classics makes the car not change gears, holding handbrake and tapping z decreases the gear, etc., and expand on that.
  • Update Difficulty to take ranks into account.
  • List how many points each ped in C1 is worth, and list all peds in C2 and CTDR.
  • On TDR (and NBP) map articles, specify how many opponents there are.
  • Add the Postal 2 cross-references to the wiki.
  • Create a new community project: create more level screenshots.
  • Have icons at the top-right corner of each article, like Pikipedia, SmashWiki, et al.
  • Create an article on
    • How to decode maps on C1 Funsize.
    • List of street posters and ads in all games.
    • "Powerdown" category.
  • For every C2 vehicle, indicate on the infobox whether it can be bent and snapped (check the bendability and snapability info on the .wam files)
  • Create a template that displays the mph value, and a mouseover gives the automatically calculated kph equivalent.
  • Apparently there's a Carma reference in Watch_Dogs? Document it if so.
  • Point out the keyboard layout shenanigans for Carma2 cheats. As per Tosh's words: "Just in case: it's SMARTBASTARD on a qwerty keyboard but if you happen to have an azerty one, the cheat becomes S?QRTBQSTQRD."