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Early box art design
Developer(s) Stainless Games
Publisher(s) Stainless Games
Engine Beelzebub
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, "next-gen consoles"[1]
Release date(s) 2014
Genre(s) Vehicular combat
Mode(s) Single player, Network Multiplayer, Split-screen Multiplayer, Co-op, Online Multiplayer
Players TBC
Media Digital Download, DVD, USB drive



Stainless are looking to their loyal fanbase for feedback and suggestions, regularly asking their official forums for suggestions of what players/levels/power-ups should return for C:R. Kickstarter backers have their own private forum section.

While the Kickstarter campaign outlined a Spring 2013 release, later blog updates pushed the release date back to 2014. Stainless also revealed they had secured an increased budget, and along with expanding the game's content were now aiming to release Reincarnation on next-generation consoles too (such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One).[1]

While announcing the Beta, Stainless declared they were giving away 99 copies of The Carmageddon: Reincarnation Full Package, which would include the game itself along with all future updates and DLC. After a small public outcry[2], Stainless decided all Kickstarter pledgers would get the Full Package, so they would not have to pay for future content.

The Reincarnation website contains a development news ticker, displaying a few tasks the team are currently working on ("In Game: Mini map is now complete" for example). The list is updated/replaced at least one a week. Since the Pre-Alpha release and the start of regular Twitch streams, the ticker has been used to announce the Twitch stream dates and times.

The 'Early Access' Public Beta was released via Steam on 27th March 2014.[3] Kickstarter Backers who pledged $25 or more got even earlier access, which started 13th March.[4][5] The game was opened to pre-orders the same day.

Teaser countdown[edit]

The countdown
On 23rd May 2011, was revived. It displayed nothing but three skull & crossbones (Max Damages head tattoo) and a countdown timer in the style of the first game's menus. A Twitter account also appeared in the name of Max Damage.[6]

The countdown ended on June 1st 2011 at 9am GMT, to reveal the new website and Reincarnation's announcement.

Kickstarter campaign[edit]

On May 8th 2012, Stainless launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise awareness and funds for the game's development. The video pitching the project to Kickstarter users showcases several important aspects regarding the current state of the game's development.

A number of rewards are being offered for pledging certain amounts, ranging from copies of the game, beta access and exclusive merchandise, all the way up to invites to an exclusive staff party (including flights if necessary) and appearing in-game as an opponent.

The large amount of press coverage (ranging from RockPaperShotgun to BBC News[7]), as well as the contribution and subsequent announcement of some popular fans, led to the 30 day campaign generating roughly 10% of the required $400,000 in just 3 hours. The goal was reached with 10 days to go. The campaign ended on June 7th at 4AM BST, the total raised being $625,143.

Concept art[edit]

New concept art is periodically revealed on the official website's Blog. The first piece of art released featured The Eagle, The Plow, The Twister and The Annihilator in an Industrial environment. The Eagle is using the Opponent repulsificator.[8]. Further art shows Screwie Lewie, Val Hella, and ideas for the new Eagle and environments. There has also been an early gameplay video released, showing the Tez Lane Eagle plowing through human pedestrians.


Nobby explained that the overall idea is to make a game very reminiscent of the first two Carmageddon games (the original especially), but with higher definition graphics. The videos released during the Kickstarter campaign back this up, judging from the driving physics, ragdoll physics, smoke particle effects and pedestrian animations currently in place.

Stainless aim to keep the open city environments, making them even bigger and more detailed than before. There will not be destructible terrain, but there will still be breakable physics objects such as lampposts and glass windows. Arrow signs will return.


The new game will feature the return of a number of the original characters, drawn primarily from Carmageddon, with the possibilty of characters from The Splat Pack and Carmageddon II appearing in DLC packs. There will also be a number of new characters. Returning racers announced include Max Damage, Screwie Lewie, Val Hella and Heinz Faust. A new character named The Terrible Twin has been revealed. Three new characters, currently under wraps, have been based on and designed by the three Kickstarter backers who pledged $10,000 each. The Cops will also return, with the original Squad Car and Suppressor joined by a weaker vehicle called the CU:NT.

Max Damage[edit]

During the Kickstarter campaign, a new picture of Max was posted on the official website's banner, to be the main image and cover art for the game. This new design of Max has a mostly natural skin colour (a return to his Carma design, and not the red hue of his design in Carma2 and beyond) and a cybernetic arm. 3 skulls are still tattooed on his head.

Max currently has 2 cars: The design shown in early footage, created by Tez Lane, will be unlockable as an alternate model for Kickstarter backers who pledged $50 or more. The Eagle R, the "official" Eagle, was revealed in the damage tech video released shortly before the Early Access Pre-Alpha.

The Reincarnated[edit]

While so far the vehicles have remained similar to the originals (with modern tweaks), Stainless have played with the fact that you couldn't see the competitor's full bodies in the original mugshots - this meant that they could give the characters some little quirky features that were never shown in their original portraits.[9]

Screwie Lewie's legs have been amputated, so when he needs to get around, he's lifted from The Twister into a monster-truck-wheelchair called the Spack Chariot. This second vehicle may be drivable in bonus levels.[10]. Val Hella has gained a sexier look, and is accompanied by her dog, Hellhound, at almost all times. Heinz wears over-sized breeches, using tank-track rollerskates when out of his car. Max Damage now has a cybernetic arm, presumably as result of the accident that casued Screwie Lewie to lose his legs.

Hang Onto Yer Helmet[edit]

Stainless promised that there would be be a competition to design a new character and their car for inclusion in the game. This appeared as a high-level reward in the Kickstarter campaign: Three exceedingly wealthy Kickstarter backers each pledged $10,000 or more to become in-game opponents, complete with vehicles and backstories!

Three blog posts revealed their identities, chronicled their visits to the Stainless offices, and teased the vehicles they got to design: Ken from Cancun[11], Roman from Moscow[12], and Ryan from Tampa.[13]

And the rest[edit]

Kickstarter Update 16 sets out bonuses for hitting further pledge targets, one of which is having Nobby and Patrick appear as PratCam movies for Pitbull and Vlad. The final gameplay clip in the initial Kickstarter pitch video shows Tim Schafer being ran over by the Big Dump, suggesting its return (although the Towmeister was later announced). The initial concept sketches include Don Dumpster and Mother Trucker, while a montage of art in a Kickstarter video includes The Bear. The Squad Car and Suppressor were re-introduced, along with a new "mini-cop": Stella Stunna's Electric Blue was mentioned as near completion in the same post.[14]


The game will feature environments from Carmageddon, Splat Pack and possibly Carmageddon II. The environments confirmed so far are: 

  • An updated version of Bleak City.
  • A remake of the industrial area from the first game. 
  • An icy oil rig environment
  • A countryside envrionment based on the original Dusty Trails area.


  • In the Kickstarter pitch video[15], Nobby revealed that Grim Fandango kept Carmageddon II "off the #1 chart spot by about 40 copies sold". This is quickly followed by Reincarnation footage of Tim Schafer (designer of G.F.) as a ped being run over by the Red Eagle.
    • Not only was Tim Schafer the designer of Grim Fandango, he also set up a tremendously successful Kickstarter campaign, showing gaming companies how it could work for them and inspiring Reincarnation to start their own.
  • Surprisingly but coincidentally, the game engine is named after a devil whose name is mentioned in The Carmageddon Comic, who Gunk claims to have the power of after drinking vampire blood from the Grail (although it didn't work).


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