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Carmageddon (PlayStation)[edit]



Top speed 338 KM/H (210 MPH)
Kerb weight 2.8 tons
0-100 KM/H 9.9 seconds
Cost 183,000 Credits


  • The counterpart of the Splat Pack's Mike O'Kane, this guy's appearance looks to be based on two British individuals - Keith Flint from electronic group The Prodigy, and Vyvyan from BBC sitcom The Young Ones.
  • The design is based on Barry Webber who was one of the testers of the game. The car has the word "Bazza" on the back. It was designed by Michael Wilson.
  • The car sports two British logos: A Union Flag on the roof (some minis did have these), and RAF "bullseyes" on the doors.
  • His name could also be a parody on Michael Palin .