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Roman's driver image in Carmageddon: Reincarnation

Roman is one of the three Kickstarter backer characters. He was designed by "Roman the Russian" in partnership with Stainless Games as Romans reward for pledging $10,000 during the Kickstarter Campaign for Carmageddon: Reincarnation. Being a newcomer, Roman and his vehicle appear exclusively in Carmageddon: Reincarnation


Roman appears as a tall slender man wearing a futuristic armor suit.

Carmageddon: Reincarnation[edit]


Carmageddon: Reincarnation vehicle
CR Crazor InGame.jpg
Vehicle type Pickup truck
Top speed 175mph
Kerb weight Unknown
0 - 60 mph in 2.7s
Strength (1 - 10) 2.1
Stealworthy Yes
Race Number 24
Network availability Yes
"Roman the exo-suited rampager has the meanest pickup in town. His Crazor is perfectly set up to slice and dice the populace."



Crazor appears as a blue, custom built, wide body, pickup truck with white numbering and accents. Ten zoomie-style exhausts protrude from the hood, suggesting a V10 motor (even though the car sports a V8). The bed of the truck is covered presumably to decrease drag as well as being surprisingly shallow compared to its height.

In-Game model vs Concept Art[edit]

Crazor concept by Doug Telford

As with any artwork versus its in-game counterpart, some of these changes were most likely made to improve the driving experience with the most noticeable change being the increased ground clearance.

The concept artwork features:

  • Smaller wheels
  • A much taller rear wing
  • The front also appears much longer, and the bladed sections are further elongated
  • Narrower roof scoop
  • The placement of the number 24 is different, being much larger and spanning the majority of the doors


Crazor sports excellent acceleration and turning speed as well as being rather nimble for a car of its size. Being a higher tier car, it's strength also makes a popular choice for Multiplayer as it can often take a lot of punishment before being wrecked. Steering can be a little sensitive and the car is prone to fishtailing and occasional understeer at high speeds. The long, low front bumper makes it a poor choice for using wallclimber. Despite this, Crazor is an excellent all-round choice for any event type.


  • Despite his bio stating that he wears an exo-suit, no external actuators such as the ones on a present day powered exoskeleton are visible suggesting that it may be very advanced in nature.
  • Crazor has a sticker on the rear window that reads "Alice" not seen on any other vehicle. This possibly references a family member or loved one.
  • This Development Blog entry states that Roman wanted a quad turbo, V10 engine for the car. The motor in the car is a V8 and is not turbocharged
  • Crazor shares the same engine model with several vehicles like Caddy Fat Cat and Towmeister with minor differences like the lack of air cleaner, different exhaust and an extra pipe added to each exhaust manifold.
  • Like many other vehicles, there is no radiator or water pump hoses attached to the intake manifold
  • Despite Romans futuristic looks and high-tech suit, Crazor's engine appears to have a carburetor instead of more modern electronic fuel injection.
  • Even though Crazor strongly resembles a fiberglass body, tubular construction racing truck, it still sports a body-on-frame chassis
  • Update 2 Made the frame much stronger, and being able to remove the body from the chassis (which always results in a wreck) was made much more difficult.
  • The rear end of the Crazor was changed in Update 2 to give a more aggressive look, as well as bringing it closer to its concept. Confirmed by Roman himself in a forum post [1]
  • The roof scoop is purely cosmetic and does not lead into the cockpit.
  • Crazor shares it's "Jeep" engine sound with several other vehicles like Tropikill and Razorbill
  • Crazor is the only known vehicle that was designed from a sketch Roman brought to Stainless Games. [2]



  1. Romans post on Crazor model changes
  2. Roman the Russian dev blog
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