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BRender not necessarily used for Argonaut Games' console titles[edit]

There's a trend on the web to automatically attribute BRender as the game engine of all Argonaut-developed titles, even on consoles. Most claims can't be verified. It seems like Uprising X was indeed made on BRender but I think many later titles are misattributed. It is possible that many PSX titles were instead based on the Croc 2 engine which itself shares no similarity with any BRender-based game. Maybe that's the source of the confusion as many people think Croc 2 is BRender-powered. It might as well be, to be honest, but then there's no reference to it nor any use of the usual BRender formats. Croc 2 on PC actually looks to me as if it is a PSX-first title ported to PC.

Another element is Jez San explaining they made a new engine from scratch for Red Dog on Dreamcast (see here), this is a good example of them not preferring their then-aging in-house engine. Toshiba-3 (talk) 22:43, 18 October 2017 (UTC)