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Carmageddon II level
[[Image:{{{image}}}|200px|The level's map.]]
Location Unknown
Group Unknown
Opponents Unknown
Laps Unknown
Checkpoints Unknown
Peds Unknown

For the templates that list the levels, see Template:C2Levels and Template:C64Levels.

This template is to be used in Carmageddon II's and Carmageddon 64's level articles.


Bold means mandatory.

  • C64: If this parameter has any text at all, the header will read Carmageddon 64. If it's empty or non-existent, it'll read Carmageddon II.
  • name: If the level's name is different from the page's name, specify the level's name here.
  • image: The level's map. It should show the checkpoints and starting positions.
  • caption: If something must be said about the image, say it here.
  • location: The location in which this level takes place.
  • group: The group in which this level takes place.
  • opponents: The number of opponents in this race. Shouldn't be -1, which is marked as default in the files.
  • laps: The number of laps in this race.
  • checkpoints: The number of checkpoints in this race.
  • peds: Number of pedestrians in this race.


(Nice Beaver)

|location=[[Beaver City]]

...results in...

Carmageddon II level
The level's map.
Location Beaver City
Group 1
Opponents 5
Laps 4
Checkpoints 4
Peds 791