Wide Boy

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Carmageddon II[edit]


Carmageddon II driver
Wide Boy
Street Machine
Internal opponent number 7
Strength (1 - 5) 2
Network availability



Short name Wideboy
Race number 28
Status icon C2 Wideboy status.png
Top speed 140 mph
Kerb weight 1.37 tons
0 - 60 mph in 5.9 seconds
Cost 210,000 credits
"Commit sonic murder with the speakers in the back of this baby & blow yer opponents bowels open!"

Carmageddon 64[edit]



  • He looks almost identical to Herb 'E', apart from his right eye is more white than golden.
  • His car has speakers sticking out of the boot: A thumping bassline can be heard, which speeds up and slows down with the engine noise.
  • The driver model in the car looks completely different from the character in the mugshot.
  • The car is an early 1980s Ford Escort Mk. III XR3i, a very popular choice among tuning and modification enthusiasts in its day.
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